We are glad to announce that we are going to have a fresh new start on 29th September, which means there will be huge changes as in eco reset, new content, new reworks. All the donations you have made in the past are going to be refunded and all you need is (TRANSACTION PROOF OF YOUR DONATION). Also, we've decided to change our names from Goldenscape to Utopia RSPS. We are really looking forward to bringing you the best rsps experience as possible, and we hope to see you all on the release!

There will be new bosses, monster and new interfaces alongside we're bringing you different ways of getting rewards. The new server will be giving you a lot more content. We're aiming to create unique models and weekly updates to satisfy the needs of the server.

- New Home Map
- New Interfaces
- New Bosses
- New Monsters
- New Global Bosses
- New Daily rewards
- More Balance!
- More Textures
- Weekly Dungeons

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